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Hiding Your Baby Bump: Tips & Tricks for Every Season

Fashion tips for hiding your bump

3 Simple Rules for Hiding a Baby Bump

Fall & Winter Outfits

Spring & Summer Outfits

Rules to Remember

Have Fun & Be Creative

The test was positive, your appetite is changing, and your bump? It's about to start growing through three seasons.

As you progress through pregnancy, different fashion-related questions tend to pop up as you pop out. "When will I start showing?" "Will my work slacks still fit in a month?" And perhaps the most common: "I'm not ready to tell...but what if people notice?"

Deciding when to announce a pregnancy is a personal decision, and the power is in your hands—and your wardrobe! Keep reading for tips, tricks, and budget-friendly options to help draw attention away from your bump and divert it to your confident and playful sense of style instead.

How Long Can I Hide My Baby Bump?

Every body handles pregnancy differently. You will gain weight and your bump shape will vary based on your genetic makeup.

Let's be realistic: there's no hiding the third trimester watermelon. I started showing more than just a “food baby” around 22 weeks pregnant with both my kids. My ability to hide a bump was much easier the first time around, but if I tried extra hard, I still managed to do it well into my second trimester with bump #2.

Whether your fashion is comfy-casual, woman of the workplace, or anything in between, there is a fun fashion solution for you whether you’re pregnant during winter, spring, summer or fall!

3 Simple Rules

Let's start with the three simplest rules for hiding a baby bump:

  • Layers
  • Patterns
  • Dark(er) Colors

You need to follow just one of these rules to master the hideaway. But of course, the more combinations of the rules, the less obvious the bump. Now let's look more in-depth at applying them in all seasons and for all occasions.

Fall & Winter Hideaway

Hide your baby bump in the winter with layers

A good solution for winter is a compilation of muted colors, layered tops of differing lengths, and dark high-waisted jeans. In this photo, I also added an accessory— hat—to help distract from my waistline.

If it’s sweater weather for you, this is the perfect combination to keep you stylish, warm, and a growing bump out of view. Posing for a cute picture? Try a seated pose with your legs crossed over your belly.

Tips for hiding your bump at the office:

Those casual styling tips work great for the office and work events as well. But if you need a more formal, office-friendly look:

  • Swap out the sweater for a more billowy collared top
  • Trade jeans for high-waisted paper bag slacks
  • Try an oversized blazer instead of a coat
  • Accessorize with fun earrings or a necklace to distract the eye

How to use patterns to hide your bump

Going for a night out? Throw on some boots, a knee-length shift dress, and a busy coat with a cinched waist. Defining a waist draws attention to the small of your waist rather than your growing belly.

And while you’re posing for those holiday photos, try facing the camera directly, without touching your tummy (and drawing unwanted attention to it).

Rules to Remember

Layers + dark colors are your new bff!

Whether you’re rocking a trench coat for brunch or a day in the office, it can take your outfit to a whole new level, and the layering effect is hideaway-friendly.

Avoid anything that cuts off at the midsection.

High-waisted skinny jeans or leggings, oversized sweaters, dress shirts, and empire waisted blouses can help cover your bump until you’re ready to share the news.

Cozy Casual look when pregnant

Spring & Summer Hideaway

I’ve found that dressing for the fall or winter makes it easier to hide a bump, because we’re layered up in cozy things, anyway. Spring and summer can be a different story, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Hide your bump with a ruffled shirt and high-waisted skirt

Taking spring photos? Try keeping your hands at your hips to define them.

There are no patterns on my “spring outing” outfit, but the fun ruffle accents on the shirt draw your eye upward. Meanwhile, the defined waist keeps your figure before your baby even grows to the size of a small lemon at 14 weeks.

Honestly, I had to hike up my skirt because it was already a little tight, but that’s where the subtle over-tucked shirt comes in handy: to hide any tightness peeping through.

A-line shift dress with ruffles

Let’s talk about spring and summer dresses. Not only are they breathable pieces to live in for the season, but they can also be a cheap one-item-hides-all kind of deal.

A-Line, shift, and wrap dresses are my go-tos for hiding a baby bump. And an elastic waistband? Even better.

The best part is that they double as comfy “maternity” pieces once you have shared the news with friends and family.

Play with the texture, flounce, and floral patterns you have hiding in the back of your closet. And give yourself permission to look good, feel good, and confidently hideaway with style.

Tips for hiding your bump at the office:

  • Pair a shift dress with a blazer, fun necklace, and appropriate heels or slides.
  • High-collared floral prints over a pencil skirt (or with a very loose French tuck) will keep your figure without giving too much away.

High-waisted jeans and a oversized t-shirt create a cute casual look

While I tend to stick to flowy dresses or skirts, denim shorts, overalls, and high-waisted jeans are still hideaway-friendly. Try some flattering “mom jeans” that cinch a higher waist and are loose through your legs with a casual top.

Have a coffee date with a friend? Try some knee-length biker shorts and an oversized t-shirt. There’s nothing wrong with a form-fitting piece as long as you pair it with something loose to divert the eyes. You can still highlight your feminine figure during pregnancy!

Rules to Remember

Every (pregnant) body type is different.

Your bump may not be the size or shape you expected. Use these tips as a starting point, then mix and match to find out what works best for you.

You’re confident when you’re comfortable.

Give yourself permission to change your style, if that’s what you need to feel confident and comfortable.

Make your current wardrobe last as long as possible.

You don’t need to buy all-new maternity clothes or waist-expanding gadgets for your growing bump. Check out the hack below to help your jeans & slacks last longer, with just a hairband from your bathroom.

Hairband jean hack during second trimester

For most women, the first trimester (and the beginning of the second) don’t change your body structure too drastically. Plan on using what you already have in your wardrobe to dress your changing body, or add a few more fun pieces to your wardrobe to help conceal a growing bump.

Have Fun & Be Creative

At the end of the day, it’s your choice when to conceal and when to reveal. Dressing a bump, let alone trying to hide one, is a learning curve for all of us. So, I hope these universal tips will help you enjoy your pregnancy wardrobe, no matter your season, budget, or personal style.

Remember my three simple rules: layers, patterns, and darker colors, can work in any weather or season.

These rules served me during my first pregnancy in bitterly cold NYC, and they’re what I’ve implemented this second time around in the Texas heat. So have fun and be creative!

Do you have any maternity fashion tips or tricks? Tag us @shemightofficial on social media to share your favorite outfits and inspire other women with your pregnancy-friendly fashion.